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Pixel Time Clock

Item ID: MUS-27

The Pixel Time Wall Clock is a fun retro clock which takes you back to the good old computing days. From Commodore consoles to Space Invaders this awesome clock looks as though it escaped from the 70's. In fact it wouldn't look out of place hanging on a wall in Legoland! This is because this fabulously funky battery powered wall clock is perfectly pixelated in every way!With its block like appearance, this black and white clock will remind you of the past, yet keep you up with the present time too! Made out of PP Plastic (Polypropylene), this terrific timepiece is made in the popular form of art that stems from the start of the digital age. So if you're more an Atari as opposed to X-Box then you'll definitely want to get you retro game loving nimble fingers around this Pixel Clock. If you're looking for some retro wall art or cool clocks to give as a present or to simply adorn your own walls then get your high-resolution gift-buying eyes focused on this super Pixel Wall Clock – It's the ideal novelty clock for any pixel fan!