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Youdoo Superhero Doll Female Plush

Item ID: DKE-158

Your Face. Your Voice. Your Costume. You are a Yoodoo Superhero! * Give her your face: Use the kit to transfer a photo of your face onto YoudooSuperhero's head! * Voice recordable: Record and playback your own superhero slogan (re-recordable)! * Design your own superhero emblem by drawing directly onto the crest! * Press button inside the right hand whilst speaking into the microphone placed in the head! * Press button inside left hand to play! How to make your own Youdoo Doll: * Get a photo of who you want your Yoodoo Doll to be and load it onto a computer. * Design your Youdoo doll t-shirt on a computer, or do it by hand. * Print your photo and t-shirt design onto the image transfer paper using an inkjet printer. * Cut out the designs and iron the photo onto the Youdoo doll head and the t-shirt design onto the t-shirt. * Put on the clothes… now you have your very own doll complete with own box! You Doo Doll Dimensions: H 255mm W 160mm D 40mm AGE: 14 (due to use of iron)