Blog: Summer Nights 2017 – Front & Company

Front and Company is proud to present the fourth annual Summer Nights shopping event! On Thursday, June 29th , we will be open from 7pm-9pm for an evening of shopping and refreshments.


Front and Company strives to provide the best possible shopping experience for our customers, so we are partnering with some great local businesses yet again. This June, we are welcoming Mister Artisan Ice Cream and Bows x Arrows Coffee Roasters.

Mister has captivated the city with their liquid nitrogen ice cream, a dessert trend spreading quickly across the globe. Mister uses pure, all-natural ingredients sourced from local farmers to support the B.C. community. Their ice cream undergoes a liquid nitrogen process that creates smaller ice crystals and adds less air, thus producing richer and creamier ice cream. From crème brulée to Thai iced tea, Mister never fails to introduce intriguing new flavours for us to try.


Another unique local business is Bows x Arrows, a restaurant and café based in Victoria, B.C. Their newest location on Fraser St. embraces a “hybrid concept”, whereby customers are welcomed at different times of day, or multiple times a day, to meet various food and drink needs. Bows x Arrows believes in creating high-quality products, with excellent ingredients sourced from great producers. All food is produced in-house, and overseen by Trevor Pruegger of Birds + Beets and Thomas Haas.

That being said, join us at Summer Nights to witness nitro-ice cream being churned right before your eyes, enjoy some delectable pastries and cold beverages, all while perusing our store.

Speaking of shopping, pick the perfect outfit for your summer getaway! Spruce up your wardrobe with botanical and floral prints. Indulge in vibrant colours and bold prints for a look that will turn heads. We have everything you’ll need to add that tropical vibe to your summer looks!

For this night only, we will also be offering some discounts. Draw from our game of chance, and receive up to 40% off your entire purchase. RSVP on our facebook event page to stay up-to-date on all the details. We look forward to seeing you there!


By: Jowain So