Blog: Father's Day Gift Guide 2016 – Front & Company


It’s time to celebrate your dad. The one who’s been there for you through thick and thin. He may not always know how to express his feelings, but you know he loves you nonetheless. You’ve probably shared no more than 10 words in your lifetime, but there were never awkward silences – just love. He’s your strength and your rock, and he always spoils your whether your his little princess, or little slugger. When you got sent to bed without dinner, he’s always there to sneak you some food without mom knowing. He works late nights to give you the life you deserve, and you love him for it. So why not give him something other than an awful tie this year. Be a little creative and shop our selection of goodies for the first man that ever loved you unconditionally.


a. Just a little trinket. Nothing fancy, just to show that you’re thinking of him. A USB that doubles as a flash light. He can keep it with his key card so he can dominate at office hide and seek.

b. This messenger bag will come in handy for the dad who has to carry a laptop back and forth, 24/7. This bag has a padded laptop casing so that his computer is always protected. This is a gift that he’ll actually use, and the Herschel brand will give him cool points with the Millennials at the office.

c. For the dad who still tries – a gym bag  so he can be the coolest,  from Yoga to Crossfit. Comes with a shoe compartment that can double as wet gym clothes storage.

d. Themed socks are the new themed tie. He can show his support for his favourite things in life, whether they are tacos or the  Montreal Expos. Now if only you could get him to stop wearing socks with sandals.

e. Let’s upgrade your dad’s footwear with some cool white sneakers. Pick up a pair of People’s Phillips High Tops or the Stanley Low Tops

f. A nice Herschel leather wallet should up his style game. This leather wallet will last him awhile, and he’ll impress his buddies at the golf course.

g. And as an alternative to a leather wallet. Matt & Nat wallets are 100% synthetic. Perfect for the vegan dad who loves all furry creatures.

h. Whether or not he sports a ‘stache, you can pick up a mustache eraser for him. We have a million mustache themed trinkets and cards; throw one in with a gift card for a hot towel shave, and let dad have a spa day for once.