Blog: Mother's Day Gift Guide 2016 – Front & Company


It’s that time of the year again, where you spend the whole day with your mom and pray that she doesn’t drive you crazy. That’s right, it is Mothers Day. You can listen to her tell you how much she loves you but simultaneously be a disappointment. She’s your favourite person in the whole world, and you’re her favourite child, show her that she means the world to you with our quick and easy gift guide we’ve prepared for Mother’s Day 2016.



a. For the mom that likes to get pampered and dolled up. Stop by Front & Company to pick up some soaps, potions, and lotions to pamper your mom. We’ve got scented soaps, to vegan soaps depending on what you’re looking for. Follow up with some jewelry starting from $6.95 to $200 plus; whichever suits your mom.

b. Is your mom a hippie at heart? We’ve got some vegan products that are perfect for her this Mother’s Day. Pick up a bag or wallet from Matt & Nat, all animal free. We also stock Pacifica, a cruelty-free, vegan beauty line. Ranging from make-up to perfumes, there’s something for every hippie-mom out there.

c. Neither of those descriptions fit your mother? Well how about a tea set for her. We’ve got animal themed teapots and kitchenware, as well as japanese-inspired tea sets for your mom. Now that the kids are all grown up, she has plenty of time to sit back and enjoy a cup of tea.


Happy Mother’s Day to all and good luck!


Posted by Philip Sheir