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Oh my goodness, oh my dang, Christmas is coming up in a week!
With our extremely diverse wares and goodies, we like to think that Front & Company is a one-stop shop for a lot of your shopping. If you don’t believe us, come by and have a look! Do check our extended hours for extra opportunities to get your holiday haul done. If you have any trouble whatsoever, don’t hesitate to ask our staff for tips. With the amount of stuff that is pouring from our shelves, it’s also fun to spend an hour or two browsing and hanging out at our store if you have the time.
Here’s is a small tour of what we have.
Tintin posters are back for all Herge fans.
Get Totoro in every size!
Who’s that Pokemon? It’s Wailord!
Rillakuma having a great view on Front’s highest shelf.
Ho ho ho!
This inflatable unicorn’s horn can pierce the sky.
For all Pokemon trainers.
Knick-knacks for stocking stuffers.
Some very important body parts. Perfect for recovering friends.
Stock up on Doctor Who before bidding farewell to Matt Smith this Christmas.
There is no one on this planet who could do without Fart Machine, let alone Fart Machine 2, the flatulent sequel to the product everyone loves.
Grab a few for your nearest bronies.
How can you say no to squinty, marshmallow mugs?
For all Hello Kitty fans!
Learn to use chopsticks while improving your martial arts.
Jellycat products are all organic and impossibly soft and cuddly. Guaranteed to make babies stop crying instantly.*
Perfect gifts to bring to any Christmas dinner.
Have a happy holiday!
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