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Pavilion Gift Sushi – 18 oz Mug Set

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Pavilion Gift Sushi – 18 oz Mug Set

In house designed line called Late Night Snacks – If food could talk, who would their best friend be? Who doesn’t enjoy snackin’ and relax’ while lounging around in clothing featuring your favorite treats? Where comfort and personality become perfectly paired. Let the pajama party begin, only the best memories are made together! This set of two 18 fl. oz. mugs made with premium quality, packaged securely in a printed open-faced box, is made from stoneware. It is the perfect gift for food lovers! The mugs are dishwasher safe, although washing by hand is recommended to best preserve decals. Microwave safe.


L 5.5in x W 3.75in x H 4.5in | Diameter 3.5in



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