Blog: It's time for spring consignment! – Front & Company

As we count down to the end of the rainy season, we are ready to start stocking our racks with spring/summer picks. It may seem early, but we are already packing away the duffels and boots, in preparation to collect all your light layers, distressed denim and sundresses. We will start slow with light outerwear and layerable cottons in February-March, and switch into full-on summer with cutoffs, tanks and maxi dresses in April just in time for beach days. If you’re not sure what season you’ve got, just bring it all in and get some feedback from our consignment department; we know exactly when each type of item will sell.

Women – The minimal trend of the past few years has brought a whole new outlook to our vintage picking. With 90s vibes going so strong, our palette this spring is all Calvin Klein circa 1994 neutrals. High waisted Levis, babydoll dresses and intimate inspired slip dresses and camisoles (a staple of 90’s icon Kate Moss) are going to lead the way. And as always, higher end mall brands like Zara, Topshop, Aritzia will have great resale value; these fast fashion giants are always first on trend.

Men – Casual athletic is our jam for our boys this spring; we want to hit’em with all the joggers, graphic tees and Nikes. And it wouldn’t be Main St without plaids and cool chambrays. And there’s always room for more perfectly distressed band tees. Early on in the season we will also be picking some select light suits and suit jackets as well (Topman is always a good bet) to make sure we’re stocked up for all those summer events.

Accessories – Can’t get enough Vans & slip-ons, and we would love to have a selection of cool heels for all those summer weddings, as well as slides for those casual days. We’ll also be picking select jewelry and bags, from JCrew to Alexander Wang, last summer’s styles are still a great investment. Vintage jewelry and accessories are always a great complement to summer wardrobes as well; Southwest inspired brass, leather and silver will pair perfectly with all the season’s trends.

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