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womens under 50b
a. Pacifica All Natural Lipstick – Who doesn’t like a good rouge lipstick? This lipstick is for the girl who can kick some butt, and doesn’t want to harm any animals. 100% vegan, no animal were affected in the making of these lipsticks. Comes in multiple shades.

b. Lovers Tempo Jewelry – This delicate piece of jewelry is perfect to wear on that fancy dinner you’re treating her to on Valentines Day. Whether you’re cooking for her, or dining out, this is perfect to take her breath away.

c. Little Miss Mugs – She’s one of the most important people in your life, be her prince charming with this cute little mug. She’ll be reminded of you every time she drinks from it.

d. Pacifica Roll-On Perfume – Pick out a scent that she’ll love. 100% vegan, check out our collection of Pacifica perfumes that show you put some thought into picking out a gift.

mens under 50a
a. Mr. Men Mug – Did it hurt? When he fell from heaven. He probably got a few scrapes and cuts falling for you. Get him this adorable mug to show him your silly side.

b. Wild & Wolf Gentlemen’s Hardware Manicure Set – You can tell if a man takes care of themselves via their hands. Teach your guy how to take care of themselves with this handy manicure set.

c. Herschel Wallets – Pick out a Herschel wallet to replace his ratty old one that he’s had since high school. You can upgrade him to a sleek leather wallet, or a canvas one for the vegans.

d. Lip Balms – Get him his own lip balm so he stops stealing yours. This one’s perfect for the guy who likes breakfast, or just meat in general.

Unisex under 50a
a. Dish Sets – If you’re a couple who like hosting get togethers, this one’s for you. Pick up a serving dish so that you will always be prepared.

b. Love Books – Pick out a book of love and show each other your sexy side. Learn how to be a smooth talker is the world of seduction.

c. Candles – Everyone knows candles are the go to gift. You pick out a scent that’s personal to show that you put some thought into it. Plus they are great for mood lighting on that sexy February 14th.

d. Selfie Stick! – For the couple that likes taking pictures. This Bluetooth remote control selfie stick is perfect for documenting those road trips, or just for when you’re exploring the city.

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