Blog: West Coast Pop-Up 2019 – Front & Company

Here on the West Coast, we have the luxury of having both the mountains and the ocean at our fingertips. The activities associated with living in the Pacific Northwest like camping, hiking, kayaking and surfing have created a style which can easily transition from the city to the wilderness. 

This fall in our Pop-Up shop we will be hosting a Westcoast themed assortment of men’s and women’s apparel. We’re asking our consignors to dig up clothing and accessories that echo life outdoors.

Brands such as Carhartt, Patagonia and Penfield well represent our inspiration of practical styling and current trends. More specific styles we’re looking for include weather resistant outerwear, plaid button downs, dark denim and fleece sweaters (don’t forget those other Westcoast necessities like toques and backpacks!) 
Questions? Contact our consignment team via email at for more information. We look forward to seeing you in store soon!

Posted by Grace Altobar