Blog: Woven Denim Wall Hanging – Front & Company

Ever a mainstay on our home décor Pinterest boards, woven wall hangings are the perfect addition of texture and rough charm to a room. And surprisingly- not always as difficult or complex to make yourself as you may think! You may likely even have most of the supplies you need at home already, especially because it all starts with a loved piece of denim that has spent maybe a little too long collecting dust in the closet. Time to give it a new life in a new form!


  • Old pair of jeans (or another denim garment, though jeans work great because you can get long strips from the legs)
  • Various fabrics, cut into long strips (choose any colour or pattern you want, but we thought sticking to monochromatic blues looked great!)
  • ¼” dowel
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread

1. Start by laying out your jeans and cutting the legs into roughly one inch wide strips. Do the same with your other fabric, but also cut a handful of different widths to give variation throughout.

2. Lay the denim pieces that will act as your base lengthwise under the dowel, and double knot them securely. We went with ten across.

3. Now the fun part starts! Beginning with another denim piece and then working in the other fabrics as you move down, weave horizontally through your vertical denim strips. Over-under, as simple as that. To anchor them at the edges you can either tie the ends for a rough look, or tack them on with a couple stitches for a more clean edge.

4. Have fun with working the fabrics into different textures and patterns as you weave through. Try braiding, twisting, layering- be creative! To finish the weaving we also added a rough fringe by knotting thinner strips of fabric across the entire bottom edge, and cutting them to mismatched lengths.

5. Tie on a length of twine to the ends of the dowel to enable hanging, and beautiful home addition- complete!

By: Tatiana Rogowsky 
Photography: Grace Altobar